This page is intended to give you a brief overview on the features of the Investment Readiness self assessment tool of META Group.


AyR gives an Expert opinion on the completeness of the business plan and on the readiness of the key exploitable result to be presented to venture capital investors (e.g. business angels, seed capital funds, venture capital funds). It is a benchmarking audit software designed for supporting project consortia in assessing the investor readiness of key exploitable research results (products and services), taking into consideration key strategic aspects such as team, market and financial requirements. AyR illustrates how complete and interesting the investment opportunity looks through the eyes of a potential investor.

It is an on-line tool aiming at:

  • appraising the level of investor readiness relatively to the stage of development of the key exploitable results and the potential attractiveness to potential investors;

  • helping to identify which actions are necessary in order to improve the probability of raising financial resources;

  • bridging the gap between potential investors and project consortia.

If assistance is required it is recommended to contact META Group at ayr@meta-group.com using the contact us button


After the login, in order to proceed with the self evaluation, you must answer all the questions for each section using the “save and continue” button.

If you need to stop for any reason, you can restart the process, from where you left it, logging in again and continuing.

Reporting system

Result Feedback

The result of the reporting system gives you: a short evaluation of your business’ performance for each section assessed and an overall appraisal of your key results' readiness to be presented to investors.

At the end of the assessment, the tool asks you if you wish your company data to be provided to investors. Then for enabling you to create the real time report you should print by clicking on the report button, you can also print the report.